Pod 3 GPS Tracker Review – An All-In-One Pet Tracking System

Product: Pod 3 GPS Tracker

Price: $189.00 (Retail)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon.com

Weight: 1.1 oz/30g

Guarantee: 12 Months

My Rating: 8/10


The Pod 3 GPS Tracker Overview


The Pod 3 GPS Tracker is being touted as more than just a pet tracker. It’s adaptive nature allows it track pretty much anything that you can think of.Since the release of the Pod 2,the Pod 3 has proven to be yet Pod 3 Pet Trackeranother winner for The POD company. It really brings together everything you would expect from a top rate tracker and more.


In A Nutshell (Features And Benefits)

Pod are a well known front runner in the cat and dog tracking industry and as we saw with the POD 2.The POD 3 is fully waterproof and boasts 24 hour location tracking and because of it’s 4 layer system which comprises of GPS,Wi-Fi,Bluetooth and mobile connectivity,it works just as well inside as it does outside.It also has a health and fitness monitoring system installed which really brings everything that you would expect from a tracker of this calibre.

Other Features Include,

  • The tracking service can be used on Apple iOS 8+, Android 5.0+ and the browser of your computer or phone.
  • A three-month service also accompanies the package
  • The tracking service features worldwide coverage ( up to 175 Countries)
  • Set up of multiple virtual fences to indicate safe zones and get notifications when your pet has traveled too far.
  • The tracker alerts you if your pet is involved in a collision or displays unusual behavior.
  • FREE LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION for a limited time only!



Pod Animation

Nothing is Perfect ( Pro’s And Con’s)


  • The tracker is quite small, which allows it to be attached to the collars and harnesses of pets with relative ease.
  • Represents real value for money
  • Because of its worldwide coverage, it makes it an appealing choice no matter where you live and takes the worry out traveling abroad with pets.
  • The adventure mode of the tracker allows you to monitor your pet visually. This feature is not always available on other similar products
  • The customer service is second to none, which ensures customer satisfaction in the shortest possible time.


  • Can be quite large on a small pet (HINT!) If you position the tracker to the side, it will be less intrusive.
  • Manufacturers Phone number can be a bit elusive(Psst! I found it! (619) 831-6494)
  • Some People have experienced short battery life 1-2 days however this can be explained generally during the connectivity process.



The Final Word

Customers have continued to enjoy the benefits of this tracker and activity monitor for its high-quality and commitment to making sure that your pets always come first in safety. Although there may be a few not so perfect ( Nothing is)flaws noted, pet owners have been quick to overlook them since they believe that the various features that the tracker does demonstrate outweigh the few cons of the product.

Moreover, customers have reported that the product has performed in a manner that is consistent with their expectations For those of you who crave aesthetics in all accessories and tools, you will be pleased to know that this tracker is stylish to the eye. It looks like a small battery, but its matte black finish and the contrast of silver with the black gives it a sophisticated yet elegant look which has been appreciated by the majority of people .

All in all, this tracker has not only succeeded in making sure that your pets are safe and sound but also managed to ensure that they remain in optimal health. Its unique modular system along with other technologies has allowed this tracker to offer an excellent performance to pet owners worldwide.

I hope you really enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the Pod 3 GPS Tracker or would like to leave your own personal review, just leave a comment below.







  1. So, I wonder if the bluetooth in the trackers can damage the pet’s health. I know that some people are concerned with the electromagnetic fields that the cell phones give off. Do you have any information on pets and trackers? This actually sounds like a much better option than an implanted microchip, which can cause skin irritation.

    • Great Question!!
      I have some reports that suggest that their are links between exposure to EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) and certain types of biological changes particularly cerebral associations
      but I guess that could also be said of the human links ..we use WiFi,Blutooth everyday that emits EMF and many other electronics that we use on a day to day basis without even thinking about it.
      Great feedback..Thanks

  2. Hi Keith,
    I love the idea of this but have a Lhasa Apso that doesn’t normally even wear a collar except when he’s going for a walk. Do you think wearing a collar with this attached would be OK? He is very fussy about things around his neck

    • Hi
      Some pets can be quite sensitive to collars and can be a real irritant but have found that if placed on the side of collar rather than below,seems to solve a lot of issue’s
      Thanks for the feedback.

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