Keeping Dogs Off Furniture

Dog Laying on bed


It’s the weekend and you have been looking forward to this since the last one ended because it has been a particularly hard week so you finally get to have that, well-earned sleep in. You roll over and spot the time on the clock and snigger to yourself th, you won’t have to get up for a few hours then just as you blissfully start to doze off you become aware of a wet sensation developing over your’e face. You slowly open your’e eyes to discover th, you are in fact, not being attacked by a giant shag pile carpet but actually belongs to a creature with four legs,2 eyes and a very wet tongue. Keeping Dogs of furniture such as beds can be a frustrating undertaking especially for older pets th, are set in their ways so let’s take a look at some ways th, can be effective in deterring your’e pet from jumping all over your’e precious furniture.


Dogs love to jump and there’s no way around th, ,it’s just what they like to do and is part of their DNA, the same as many breeds love to dig holes everywhere so in order to understand why they like to jump all over our furniture,we have to first understand what’s going on their head but before we tackle th, question though ,it’s important th, you don’t feel guilt or remorse about not letting your’e dog jump all over your’e couch or bed. While we acknowledge th, they are of course part of our family,you shouldn’t feel bad about wanting to sit on a couch or chair in comfort without having to spend time getting rid of excess hair or dog biscuits or whatever it happens to be because your’e dog certainly won’t suffer if he has a nice cosy bed of his own to lie down in.


Simply put, dogs do what they do because it’s rewarding to them. When was the last time you rewarded your’e dog for laying on the floor? So if they are not getting encouragement for their actions,why would they want to do it ? on the other hand your’e couch or sofa is nice and comfortable and squishy so I know which one I would choose. How about you?


If your’e dog is still quite young, one of the best ways to deal with the problem is making sure th, the situation never gets started. Encouraging your’e pet up on the couch from time to time is simply reinforcing the behavior and allowing him to think th, it’s ok to do it, th,’s why it is important th, everybody is on board with this because if 90% of the family is doing it and 10% isn’t then your’e going to have a battle on your’e hands to correct the behavior. And don’t forget to reward your’e puppy if he lays in an area th, you want him to with a little treat then he’ll know th, he’s doing something right after all, everyone’s sitting on the couch and he’s just mimicking what everyone else is doing so the secret here is to reward to reinforce desired behaviors and of course be consistent with because it may take a while before it all comes together for him.


There are (2) distinct situations th, you will need to cope with.

  1. When he just wants to cuddle up to you when you are home
  2. When he just wants to sleep on the sofa when your’e not at home

Both of these problems are quite common and can be dealt with in similar fashion.

Let’s deal with the problem and look for ways to deter your’e pet jumping up on the sofa when you are in the room with him. The trick here is the same as dealing with a puppy. Make the experience of being on the floor rewarding for him. Teach your’e dog th, the floor is a great place to be and reward every time he opts for the floor, this reinforces his behavior .

A Place That He Can Call Home

If you find a nice comfy bed for your’e dog it can replace his favorite spot on the couch. I opted for a nice padded, orthopedic bed for Ellie and she loves it. If I’m not on the couch and she’s resting I know where to find her – sprawled out on th, doggie bed. There are a lot of different options when it comes to dog beds. You’ve got bolstered, orthopedic, heated, and pillow beds to name a few. Hartz put together a nice quick list of things to consider when choosing a bed for your’e dog that can help get you started when looking. Not all dogs will love their new beds right away. Ellie wasn’tSimple Dog Bed too fond of using her bed until we placed it rights next to the couch. If your’e dog likes to be a part of what’s going at all times (aka velcro dog syndrome) consider placing his bed somewhere that, will let him keep an eye on things. If your’e dog doesn’t naturally take to his bed there are some easy steps to take to get him comfortable with it. The more time your’e dog spends in his bed the less fur, scratches, stains, odors, and puke you’ll find on your’e furniture. Want to help keep your’e furniture in decent shape? Invest in a nice, comfy bed for your’e dog.

So Do You have any tips for keeping dogs off Furniture?

How do you keep your’e furniture in one piece? Do you have a bunch of bite marks on your’e wooden furniture? What materials have you found to be pet proof? Any tips I missed for dog proofing your’e furniture? I’d love to hear your’e thoughts – leave your’e tips and stories in the comments below.








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