Good Small House Pets

Various Small Animals

Choosing good small house pets could be a rather daunting challenge so in order to make the right choices, some things need to be considered first. Such things like what sort of foods would be suitable, treats,toys or even what type of bedding or enclosures would be needed. Another possible issue ( According to the World Health Organisation)would be who is going to be designated as the primary caregiver because there may be legal implications to consider which we will cover later.


Choosing a Pet

There are many small to medium-sized pets that could be suitable for your home depending on your living circumstances. Hamsters, gerbils, and mice can make nice pets for the young ones. They can be generally kept in little sized cages and take up relatively small areas Being nocturnal in nature, they have an inclination to sleep throughout the day and become extremely active in the night. If handled properly, they can be tamed with a bit of patience unlike rats which would like an even bigger living area than hamsters. Gerbils, and mice, are more passive in nature and are very gentle pets. Chinchillas, on the other hand Chinchillamay require a different level of care as they need a great deal of cooler temperatures. Little animal pets like rabbits and ferrets are very social creatures with lots of energy and like running around, eating plants playing, and needing a great deal of area to romp. They also require a great deal of human interaction. Guinea pigs however are low energy animals and like to remain in one place most of the time. The lifetime of your pet should also be a consideration as some little animals live for less than a handful of years, like hamsters, gerbils, mice, and rats. With proper care, chinchillas will live 10-15 years. Rabbits and ferrets also can live to about six to eight years. whether you choose a gnawing mammal or a chinchilla, little animals become marvelous pets and companions. With correct care, food, proper living areas, and love, your new pet will become a welcome addition to the family

Elderly Lady With Pet

Pets And The Elderly

People residing in long term care facilities, hospices or home care arrangements, may experience health benefits from pets. Pets can be of great emotional benefits related to health related issues. Physical contact with another living creature is one factor that is typically missing in an elder’s life. Pets can be very stimulating for people as well.It’s been proven that the presence of an animal can lower Blood Pressure and even have an effect on Stress levels.


Our little shelled friends

Turtles and tortoises used to be common children’s pets but have been less popular over the last few years. Turtles can smell terrible and generally need large aquariums or ponds, live food, special care and can be extremely costly to maintain, whereas tortoises can attain an age of fifty years or older and are subject to many biological diseases. These can make pretty nice pets if you are willing to put a lot of effort into them but I don’t recommend them as a first pet. There are plenty of care sheets relating to turtle care about if you are interested in adopting one.


Benefits Of Small House Pets( For Children)


A leopard as a pet for a younger child – what could go wrong? every child wants a pet. Fact. It’s up there with candy and cartoons – raise your hand if you think that a toddler would like any of these three and most likely the answer would be “Yes, Yes, YES!” but is a pet such a good idea? A dog needs lots of taking care of and constant attention from its homeowners, and even though the idea of a pet is appealing, inevitably the responsibility lands squarely in the parents lap, but a smaller pet like a rabbit, chinchilla or gnawing pet is easy enough to be cared for by a young person. Pet possession helps a Child’s Development and youngsters see pets as their fuzzy little friends, but pets has also shown to be very helpful throughout a child’s development.Child with rabbit Social Skills and core responsibility skills are just some benefits for your child. Caring for a pet helps development in youngsters. Children can play rough, but a small pet can help your child to distinguish between cruelty and kindness and bringing to the surface the feelings of compassion. Taking care of a pet is often the first act of responsibility a child is given. By learning to be responsible for a pet, youngsters typically develop more connections concerning themselves and their actions.


Emotional Growth

A pet is often the first non-mother/father relationship a child will have. Young people learn to be much more relaxed and are generally more happy with people who are not family members. Small pets have the advantage that they should not be forced to walk in the park at regular intervals, and young people can occasionally watch them for protection from the house. They don’t make as much mess as a dog, that’s one problem less that you have to worry about if you think about how much you will save on food and veterinary costs. Get a good Cage. They may be little pets but that’s no reason to keep them in a cage the scale of a shoe box. There are different types of cages on the market so make sure that you choose one that is the most suitable for your pet. Consider the size and activity levels of your pet, positioning of food trays and access to water. If this is your first time owning a pet the ASPCA has some information on little pet care that is valuable.


Pets Are For Life Not Just Christmas

Pets are an integral part of our lives and they give so much joy and happiness back to us in so many ways so its important to teach our family the importance of the responsibility that we have undertaken. If you are not 100% sure that this right for you then take a step back before you purchase and ask yourself these three questions,

Do I have the emotional capacity to own a pet ?

Do I have the patience to own a Pet ?

Is my home set up to cater for a pet ?

If you answered yes to all three then its time to do some research and hopefully make the right decision.

Good Luck with your endeavours,



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  1. I have two red eared slider turtles. I enjoy them very much. But I agree with you about them needing special care and a larger living environment. These really are things to consider as you also mentioned. Great article! I believe you gave good suggestions for a person looking to get a small pet. Thank you.

  2. Hi, I absolutely loved this post as feel every child should have a pet and learn from an early age to care for them. Had not thought of many of these little animals as usually think of cats and dogs for little ones. I know how beneficial it is to have a pet. Many thanks for all this lovely information.

  3. Just wanted to say thank you for this post. I believe every child and family should have a pet whether it be guinea pig or dog. Animals teach us a lot and I believe people brought up without pets lack realy empathy.

  4. Great article. I had a variety of smaller pets growing up (along with the bigger ones!) and I loved them dearly. I’ve had mice, snakes, hamsters, lizards, and hermit crabs! And they are especially useful for the elderly.. I’m happy that you included that.

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