Achieving A Mouse Proof House


Mice have been a problem everywhere for hundreds of years, and has been the topic of recent discussion of finding a way to develop a mouse proof house so let’s check out some ways of doing a daily mouse proofing routine to maximize protection to your home and prevent any unnecessary risks from mice. By the time you read this post, you ought to have a reasonably solid grasp on a way to keep mice out of the house permanently.

Mouse Proofing Routine


A mouse proof routine should begin with a thorough review of your home. you are’re trying to find any points which a mouse would possibly get in. Mice and possibly other rodents will get into a property through the tiniest of holes. Mice don’t require a lot of space to find their way through, their space needs can be as little as a 10p piece so seal up any holes that you notice when doing yourmouse proof house mouse 3 inspection. That also includes any cracks. Caulking mixed with steel wool can also impede them from getting in. Keep an open mind as you are doing your inspection as these crafty little creatures will get into the tiniest of places. Weak points in walls can act as places for rodents to sneak through. Broken pipes will can attract mice and act as gateways for the tiny pests to sneak into your house.

Mouse Deterrents


There are a variety of ways to keep mice from entering your home. Deterrents will be one of the simplest types of mouse management. Let’s take a peek at some smart mice deterrents. Oils such as peppermint may be a good way to regulate the many types of rodents, five or six drops of 100% holy peppermint on a cotton ball could do the trick at keeping mice from a particular space. Place the cotton wool around your house in areas that you may think that mice could enter. Again, make sure that you keep any oil away from curious pets, because it could cause them serious harm, particularly cats. Mothballs are an affordable and effective mouse deterrent. Place them in little areas like cabinets and small areas of the house to keep these rodents at bay. Try to keep in mind that these little deterrents can still be very dangerous and should be treated with respect and all handling instructions strictly adhered to. Also, be aware that some of these odours can travel through your air ventilation system which can be a source of irritation so if you believe that any of your family has been affected you should immediately contact Poison control or the Pets Poison Hotline for your animals.

Noise Deterrents


Other Mice Deterrents include Noise which can be useful to discourage annoying pests and a positive step forward towards obtaining a mouse proof house. Corporations across the globe are making noise-based nuisance deterrent systems. These systems make a sound that is undetectable to the human ear but will keep mice away from your home. Placing these around your home could save you $$$ in repairs. These devices can sometimes have an effect on your pets because of the frequencies that they use so be mindful of these possible issues. If you have rodent darling, then they are not recommended. Chemical repellents are available on the market. Many households may find the use of chemicals unsafe for the extermination of pests. However, these repellents are some of the most effective solutions on the market. There are also natural options that are environmentally friendly and are generally safe for your family and pets.

Cats !! The natural Deterrent??


Sylvester and Tweety, Tom and Jerry, to quote a couple, always gave the impression that cats love to hunt things and while that is true, cats have a natural instinct when it comes to hunting but does not mean that all cats hunt. Some will be downright lazy but they’re all born with it and given the opportunity will love nothing more than chasing down a creature or two. I actually have an Abyssinian who loves chasing spiders, crickets,frogs and just about anything that moves so be very wary that one day your cat drops an unexpected present on your front doorstep

Let’s take a quick look at the number of items that attract mice.Food that’s keep in unsealed containers like leftover food within the galley or uncovered pet food baggage within the garage can encourage mice to pay you a visit. Spilled food will attract several pests. Clean up something that’s spilled in and around your house as fast as soon as you can. Rubbish is one of the largest attractors of mice and a host of other unwanted pests. Removing rubbish from your home at regular intervals is a quick way to make positive steps towards developing a mouse proof house. Using scented bin bags can help give you a mouse free house by preventing pests from smelling what is inside the bags. Standing water can work as a watering hole for pests. Make sure that you don’t allow any standing water to hang around for too long. That is part of the reason fixing leaky pipes as soon as possible will eliminate one possible entry point. Eliminate A Problem Promptly If you do discover the signs of mice on your property, you need to handle the problem as soon as it becomes evident. A small rodent problem can rapidly grow a bigger, unworkable one. Calling in a professional pest removal company can help you to get mouse control dealt with quickly and efficiently.

A Final Word

Now that you have a good idea on how to proof your house against mice. It is important that you keep up your mouse prevention and ensure that you ask if you have a mouse question. Once, you have a mouse problem it can take some serious effort on your part to remedy the situation. Pest prevention is always easier than pest eradication. I hope that you have found this information useful and will at least give you some basic steps to follow in mouse eradication.








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  1. Ha! , I had a problem with mice until a got a cat and a dog. Problems like roaches, others, insects are a thing of the past!

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