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Hi, I’m Keith. And I live in Queensland in that place down under ( Australia for those of you who thought I might have been talking about the South Pole) . I work for a well-known Insurance Company here in Oz and have been fortunate enough to work from home which is really handy for the wife because I get to do other important things like washing floors and doing dishes and, Oh!. My Favourite, Ironing ( Don’t get excited girls, I don’t mind the ironing, I get to watch T.V)

I have two adult children, a loving wife and 2 crazy pets ( Ones crazier than the other) an Abyssinian and a Staffy Bull Terrier who inspired me to create this website. I enjoy music, reading, gardening, walking the dog( She now walks me) and traveling whenever I can get away.

So Why Pets

When I was about 13 years old, I bought my very first air rifle ( a BSA Meteor )and really pleased with myself because they were all the rage around the neighbourhood. Rifle ranges were too far away to get to so we would go to each others house and have shooting practice in the back yards with tins, plastic bottles and other loose items that was lying around.

After a while( and a lot of practice) I became a fair marksman and was able to hit the mark from a reasonable distance away .BUT THAT’S WHEN IT ALL CHANGED.

One day ,I was out the back doing what I do with my gun which was plugging holes in tins and stuff when I noticed a little bird out of the corner of my eye flying into one of our trees that was heavily laden with foliage so I couldn’t really see where it actually landed. So being the invincible male that I was, I fancied my chances of knocking it out of the tree. I took aim at where I thought it was and fired!! Unfortunately for me ,that’s exactly where the bird was and it fell out of the tree. I ran over to the bird in disbelief at what I had done and to my amazement discovered that the little bird was still alive but I did manage to break its wing so through very wet eyes, I picked him up and took him down to the local vet who nursed him back to health again.

That’s when I discovered my love of animals  and could not bring myself to ever fire my gun again and  have never held a gun since.

This Site

The purpose of this site is to bring together high quality pet products sourced both locally and  from around the globe that will not only bring health and happiness to your pet but also safe in the knowledge that they have been thoroughly researched to give you the highest of quality when it reaches your home .



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