You’re at the right place if you face these problems(s):

  • You have pets with magical powers that allow them to escape despite all your efforts to prevent them.
  • Owning pets with an endless appetite for curiosity and adventure.
  • Pets that are just plain naughty and run off because they can.
  • You are worried that they may get stolen.


Hi, I’m Keith.and I live in Queensland in that place down under ( Australia for those of you who thought I might have been talking about the South Pole) . I work for a well-known Insurance Company here in Oz and have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work from home which is really handy for the wife because I get to do other important things like washing floors and doing dishes and, Oh!. My Favorite, Ironing ( Don’t get excited girls, I don’t mind the ironing, I get to watch T.V)

I have two kids, a lovely wife and 2 crazy pets ( Ones crazier than the other) an Abyssinian and a Staffy Bull Terrier ( 6 Months old) who inspired me to create this website. I enjoy music, reading, gardening, walking the dog( She now walks me) and traveling whenever I can get away.


After a beautiful meal at our favorite Thai Restaurant, we decided to head home which was about 20 minutes away.

When we arrived, I noticed something sticking out of the front door. It was a note from one of our neighbors to let me know that our dog was found wandering the streets and they were kind enough to look after her until we returned home. As a responsible owner, we have done all the right things like Microchipping and vaccinations but trying to keep her behind a gate was a real challenge particularly now that she has discovered the fine art digging. OH GREAT! I said. Now we are proud owners of a subterranean dog.

That was about 4 Months ago, and since then, I have managed to plug up all her escape routes and fill up all the holes that she created but it did make me ponder on the question of how to keep track of her in case she discovered another way to freedom.

So begins my journey into finding the perfect tracking system.

About This Site

The purpose of this site is to bring together a collection of pet tracking and monitoring systems that have been researched and selected for their functionality as well as their ease of use.


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